As a comprehensive critical illness insurance plan, the AIA’s Absolute Critical Cover plan stands out amongst its competition. It prioritises customizability, offering all-round and multiple safeguards against critical illness. But how do we communicate the awesome features of the plan to an audience tired of hearing about the doom and gloom of being affected by critical illness?

For starters, we knew that audiences would be more likely to tune out of fear-based marketing. So we went the other way and emphasised how simple, relaxing, and carefree one can be when relying on ASCC.

To do that, we had a character going about her day effortlessly. All things worked out in her favour as she benefits from the plan, living her life to the fullest.


We also injected positivity and vibrance into our visuals through colours and music, bringing the video to a whole new level of cheer.

The project was an interesting one, because by steering the conversation away from fear and consequences, we were able to make the video a more exciting, vibrant and light-hearted piece. After all, the most critical components of any critical coverage plan are simply a peace of mind, and a feeling of safety, security and well-being.

Done and done!