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When it comes to training, the best way to make the lesson stick with your audience is to make it as entertaining as it is educational. As one of the largest insurance agencies in the world, AIA definitely knows the value of optimising the learning process.

They approached us to update some of their investment training videos, which looked dated and were stuffed with technical financial humdrum.

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After viewing them, we formulated an action plan:
Replace any confusing jargon with everyday language for better flow and coherence.

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Axe unnecessary fluff and use visuals to show, rather than tell the audience what they needed to know.

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Use simple analogies and visual metaphors to portray complex subjects. The videos had to be easily understandable and interesting for anyone and everyone.

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We spent time tweaking the concepts we came up with to ensure that it all made sense. After all, we didn’t want to be comparing apples to oranges. These ideas were then brought to life with the help of our motion partners, Anchor.

AIA Financial Sense presents

Reduce Risk with Diversification and Allocation

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Get More for Less with Dollar Cost Averaging

Power of Compound Returns

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Managing Risks, Maximising Returns

All About Inflation

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When we started this project, we had just one goal: to keep the videos informative AND engaging.

More importantly, they had to be accessible to anyone regardless of experience or background, from newbie agents to seasoned financial advisors. And from the enthusiastic responses that we’ve received so far, it seems like we’ve achieved the end goal. Success!