AIA Pro Achiever 2.0

Investment plans can come across as intimidating and overwhelming, especially when you are a newbie wanting to take a first step into this world of fast dollars and risk-taking ventures.

Thankfully, there’s AIA.
With AIA’s new Pro Achiever plan,
investments are made easy and safe.

But how do we communicate that to our audience?


Well, first we had to ask the right questions:

What is this plan all about?
How is this differentiated from the other plans out in the market?
What would motivate 
someone to buy this plan?
Every story needs a hero

With AIA Pro Achiever, we realised that it’s all about achieving dreams. So we brought that to the forefront with a character who could achieve his life goals with the help of this brilliant plan by AIA. More importantly, we made sure to design our hero as someone with dreams, family, and a lifestyle we could all relate to.

By weaving the plan masterfully into a story told with a relatable character, we were able to communicate our key message with ease:


Dreams can come to life with AIA Pro Achiever!