80% of brand development costs paid for by the Enterprise Development Grant.

Since their humble beginnings in 2008 as a recruitment agency, AYP Group has now grown to offer a comprehensive suite of HR and payroll services technologies for businesses worldwide.

But with success also came an increase in competition. AYP approached us to re-evaluate their brand’s positioning to differentiate them from their competitors.

Setting AYP apart

To find out exactly how well AYP was doing in comparison to its competitors, we had to first do an in-depth brand audit. We conducted thorough investigations of AYP and its competitors’ digital assets and engagements, then assigned them each a brand score based on:


Brand Communications


Visual Identity


User Journey


Brand Image
Perceived Brand Image

Besides refreshing the brand, our underlying goal was also to steer AYP towards a blue ocean of unsaturated market space. To do that, we plotted out AYP’s business propositions on a value curve map to help identify market niche opportunities.

AYP Value Curve Map

More than just business.

To amplify its presence and to build rapport with audiences, AYP needed its own unique brand voice and personality. So we put the AYP brand through our proprietary brand archetyping process and discovered something interesting..

Dedicated to sharing its extensive experience and knowledge in the field on social media, AYP is clearly a Sage. Yet, the brand’s focus on developing tech-enabled solutions also signals its desire to deliver disruptive and transformative experiences, a typical Magician trait.
Seeing as how the two archetypes complemented each other so well within the brand, we decided to position AYP as a hybrid – a true Magician-Sage brand.

AYP is…

With such a perceptive and visionary personality, the brand needed a crisp new tagline to reflect AYP as pacesetters of the HR industry.

Always future facing and constantly innovating, AYP continually raises the bar for themselves, their clients, and the industry.

The hybrid archetype helped to guide not only their written communications, but also the creation of AYP’s visual identity. Just as colour and visual motifs affect emotion, AYP’s logo and brand colours were designed to align with its brand personality.

The Guiding Spark

The Guiding Spark is the evolved form of the original AYP Star. In its initial iteration, the Star symbolised brilliance and illumination. With the addition of the Compass points, it now also denotes guidance and navigation, no matter the storm or circumstance.

AYP Product Pillars

Part of communicating the AYP brand was also planning out its product pillars. This process streamlines the philosophies behind each product, creating a foundation for purposeful product-building and future innovation.


A multi-pronged
platform for everything
HR and beyond


Effectively managing
talent for regional
business growth


Simplifying and
increasing efficiency
of HR processes

Brand Graphics Set

Design Collaterals & Templates

A brand guide was then compiled to help them stay consistent across all their communications.
Selected excerpts from the AYP Brand Guide.

Nuturing the AYP culture

We spoke to everyone–from stakeholders to employees to clients–and found that the view of the brand’s personality and culture was diverse.

Perceived Brand Archetype

Stakeholders’s Perceived Brand Archetype

So to realign AYPians to a common culture and identity, we crafted a manifesto to shape the AYP culture moving forward.
Selected excerpts from the AYP manifesto.

That manifesto then developed into a comprehensive Employee Culture Book that showcased not only AYP’s journey, but also affirmed employees’ roles as key drivers of its future.

All AYPians–local and regional–were then brought together for several brand culture workshops to mark the beginning of this new chapter for AYP.

With a refreshed identity and clear direction, AYP was ready to Lead the Future of Work.