Facebook Watch SG Guide

For this Facebook Watch Party, We Brought the Hype. For this Facebook Watch Party, We Brought the Hype.

Facebook Watch is a premier video-on-demand destination offering loads of original content, minus the pesky subscription fees. For their upcoming media showcase in Singapore, our clients wanted to highlight the best and brightest of what Facebook Watch had to offer.

FB Watch intro image

Our job was to create an event guidebook that would get people genuinely excited about Facebook Watch, positioning it as the best TV invention since… popcorn. And with the date looming dangerously close, there was no time to lose.

Facebook Watch Singapore Guide
Watch Whatever, Whenever, Wherever
Whenever Image Flower

Whatever, Whenever, Wherever:
That was the mantra that guided us to create this series of illustrations on the cover. Of course, we wouldn’t recommend watching when you’re in the driver’s seat. That’s just irresponsible.

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With loads of creators to feature, we cheekily combined the themes from the different Facebook Watch shows in the graphics throughout the guide.

Creators Image Left
Creators Image Right GIF Creators Image Emojis
Creators Image Cupcakes

To accurately capture the essence of each show, we took some time to tune in and explore the stories behind them. This was especially interesting for us when it came to the homegrown winners of the Facebook Creator Lab, Our Grandfather Story and Share Food Singapore. Food and nostalgia? Two subjects we hold very close to our hearts.

As storytellers and viewers ourselves, we didn’t want to slap a generic description on each show and call it a day. Our guide had to compel the attendees to get on Facebook Watch right after the event ended, and start their own Watch Party.

Storytellers FB Watch Party

Once the guide was out, it was a cinch to adapt the master creative to an e-invite for the event.

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The showcase was a runaway success, with the guide setting the stage for a fantastic presentation from each of the featured guests.

For us, it was an extra-special event, being in the audience while having access to all that insider knowledge.

If there was a real-life Like button, we’d have been the first ones to click on it.