Go with goTruck!

goTruck! is a technology start-up in the heavy logistics sector. With their internet-based platform, they match the transport demands of heavy material sellers from various transport companies to available heavy vehicle drivers.

In the heavy logistics sector, most companies offer the same services. So how should goTruck! stay ahead and always be the consumers’ first choice?

goTruck! has to stand out and differentiate themselves from the others, be it their logo and overall brand profile. To do that, they approached us to relook at their entire brand, and we were more than willing to do the heavy lifting.

To get better online presence and leave an impactful impression on future customers, goTruck! needed a look that stood out and stood for their brand. Not just that, but they also needed to reach out to a relevant audience and catch the eye of potential employees.


So, how did we help them achieve this, and more?

goTruck! is about matching demand with the necessary supply, and making it easy for all clients to take care of their transport needs with ease. So we definitely wanted to highlight how modern, considerate, and accessible the brand is.

Together with bright and bold brand colours to inject energy and oomph to the look, we created the Journeyline – a creative motif – for a coherent visual narrative.


From online to offline, moving from one point to another, goTruck! now communicates their presence and energy to anyone who’s up for a journey.

The website layout is easy to navigate, so anyone can feel free to look around at their own pace. We wanted to share the information in an approachable and simple, free of jargon, way—very much like a smooth journey from Point A to Point B. Who would want to use a website that requires too much Googling of hard words, right?

…for you to not need a GPS. With goTruck!’s trust and clear vision, we helped them to make an impactful statement in the market through a visually arresting website and a refreshed brand profile. We put their enthusiasm to deliver in high gear, and let their brand do the talking.