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branding consultant in Singapore talking about the importance of ux design branding consultant in Singapore talking about the importance of ux design

IHP is a 3rd party administrator of managed healthcare services. They approached us for help in refreshing their brand and marketing collaterals.

After the initial review of all their brand and marketing collaterals, and during our first meeting with the client, we discovered that their problems lay deeper beneath the surface.

brand iconography and IHP brand elements
creating a digital brand for IHP Singapore

Though they've been in business for over 20 years, they haven't been keeping their marketing or brand position up to date. In the meantime, the market has become saturated with competitors.

We knew that IHP needed an urgent injection of confidence and a refocusing of their values.

As with most rebranding exercises, we started with a deconstruction of the IHP brand to see what we could keep, update or evolve, and what was superfluous.

We then dived into identifying the keywords that could form part of the new and updated brand identity.

brand development process for the IHP Singapore
Brand Personality Personality Triangle
Personable but Professional

We make the complex simple. We're easy to understand and talk to because we avoid using language that's too technical unless necessary.

Warm and Friendly

We treat all our clients with respect, and provide them with the same level of service regardless of their business size.

Pragmatic Yet Understanding

We always strive to understand the needs and fiscal plans of individual businesses before recommending a relevant healthcare programme.

Next, we condensed everything we've learnt into a brand manifesto that's powerful, inspiring and informative (selected excerpts taken from the IHP Brand Book).

writing brand manifesto for IHP Singapore
brand communications for IHP Singapore

Then further distilled it down into a powerful statement: the IHP brand strapline.

moto: healthcare your business deserves

An organisation's mission & vision statements are important as they influence the company's direction. We worked closely with the IHP team to rewrite their M&V statements, making them more precise, simple to understand and pragmatically ambitious.

Mission Vision Motif R Mission Vision Motif Br
Our Mission

To provide businesses of all sizes with quality
healthcare programmes that are cost-effective
and tailored to the individual business needs.

Our Vision

Quality healthcare for all workers
in the Asia-Pacific region.

brand identity for IHP Singapore

We also introduced the '+' symbol as a supporting brand motif. A visual play on the universally recognised symbol for healthcare, the '+' symbol can also be interpreted as a 'Plus', denoting the additional benefits and value that IHP offers.

brand design and visual identity for IHP Singapore

We also revamped their website, designing the content in an easy-to-read layout, and rewriting the copy in a conversational tone as per the new brand guidelines.

website design for IHP Singapore
website design for IHP Singapore
website design for IHP Singapore
Example of good ux design

We also launched a mini questionnaire component with multiple call-to-action buttons embedded throughout the site at strategic points, designed to maximise leads.

how to design for ux: the ux design process