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As a rising startup hotshot fintech brand, Rate's essential brand promise is to always provide better value to their users.

However, the Rate team felt that some internal alignment and brand refocusing was necessary to bring their game to the next level.

And with 2 other product brands under the parent Rate brand with plans to launch more, the issue of brand alignment was crucial.

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So when they reached out to us, we consulted with them in several initial meetings to understand who they were, how they worked as a team, and their aspirations for the brand. This process helps us to craft brand concepts that are aligned with the team's motivations.

Rate rebranding concept
Understanding the motivations of the client brand team is an extremely important part of our brand process. After all, brands are only as strong as the teams that drive them.
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Next Steps

We started by dissecting the Rate brand, distilling it down to its essentials.

We quickly realised that for a brand to operate in the online payments/ecommerce space, brand credibility and consumer trust is paramount.

Our challenge was to express this sentiment visually, and in a way that would bring it all home for the Rate team.

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The Answer?

A logo system based on the absolute value of truth, the foundation on which consumer trust and brand credibility is built.

The logo system hinges on creative application of the Rate true mark, a symbol of verification that was first used by ancient Roman merchants.

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Having listened closely to our clients, we understood that the Rate brand team comprises highly competent individuals, each possessed by an earnest yearning to build a reputable, aspirational, and sustainable brand.

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Thus, the True mark takes on an additional layer of meaning for the brand team, serving as a focal point for internal alignment of their own values.

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Rate X Logo Rate S Logo
Flexibility Bulb

The power of this logo system lies in its flexibility.

Flexibility Focus

And as a brand motif, adding background texture without being overwhelming.

We then expanded upon the usage of the system, demonstrating the breadth of possibilities through collateral design.

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Rate's finalised family of logos