example of creative hr campaign branding for Starbucks Singapore example of creative hr campaign branding for Starbucks Singapore

When Starbucks approached us to create a career guide for prospective hires, we jumped at the chance to deliver some great creative work, served piping hot.

creative illustration done for Starbucks employer branding project

Because career progression is much like a board game with a linear plot, we decided to draw inspiration from one of the most popular board games in the world: Snakes & Ladders.

brand creative reference for human resource project
creative HR campaign branding work for Starbucks Dingapore
creative ways to recruit talents for Starbucks Singapore employer brand campaign

We knew that this could be a seminal piece of work for the Starbucks Employer brand, so we designed in a way that each individual character element could be adapted for another purpose.

creative hr campaign branding work for Starbucks Singapore
Starbucks singapore career guide creative brochure design

And sure enough, we were soon tasked to create various other collaterals with the same theme, keeping the tone of the Starbucks employer brand consistent throughout.

illustration for creative human resource campaign
creative talent recruitment strategy for Starbucks Singapore internal brand communications and good talent retention strategy for Starbucks Singapore