Tease Branding Exercise

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It all started with a duo: two friends set on starting a bubble tea store together. They needed a concept that would make them a hit with the young crowd. Something quirky, rebellious and too cool for school.

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Of course, having a cute concept wasn’t enough. It had to be enticing—a story of bubble tea so amazing, it’s impossible to have a bad day when you’ve had a taste.

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So we created a bunch of stories around characters who turned the worst days around with their sweet treat.

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We weren’t kidding when we said worst days.

As our characters slowly came to life, a clear hero emerged among them. This boy first appeared in a 5-part comic meant for a poster.

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We loved him so much he ended up becoming the face of the brand.

As our characters' stories unfolded, they took us on a one-way trip back to the nostalgia of the 90's. Of waking up to Saturday morning cartoons, and balmy afternoons spent at the playground with neighbourhood kids whose last names we never knew.

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We delved further into that theme with the store’s menu and spatial design, to create an atmosphere that would be a throwback to a more carefree time for millennials everywhere.

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Shop Front Mockup (for reference only)

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We can just imagine it as a popular hangout for teens back in the day, when you had to get past your girlfriend's Dad before you could talk to her on the phone.

Ahh, young love.

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