Wellness Pet Food

After a successful WHIMZEES campaign, our clients at WellPet wanted us to work our social media magic with Wellness, a brand of healthy and delicious premium pet food.

From the beginning, we wanted to create content that truly resonated with our audience at an emotional level, while highlighting the benefits of the product itself.

Every pet parent has a story to share, and the goal was to have them looking at our content and thinking, hey! That’s us!

In today’s world, families and family members come in all shapes and sizes. The Family series of posts takes you through the family homes of a terrier and a ginger tabby.

We recreated that joy of watching your fur baby grow up with this montage of photos and an important message: Wellness meets your pet’s needs, from birth and beyond.

One key message we wanted to highlight was that the people behind Wellness are pet parents too. They want the best for their own pets, and that often meant prioritising quality over profits.

They also have their own story to tell, of a rich heritage and history behind the Wellness name. And it all started with the love of a pet. Sounds familiar, huh?

Of course, social media isn’t just about content creation —it’s also about execution. With that in mind, we created a playbook with captions, hashtags, posting guidelines and tips on audience engagement.


The playbook and assets was then distributed for use by Wellness offices around the region.