Whimzees: Bright Smiles in 1-2-3

WHIMZEES! A fun and friendly brand of all-natural dental dog treats loved by pets and vets!

To help express the Whimzees personality more effectively, we leveraged the brand archetypes.

They are 12 distinct personalities created by Carl Jung which help in defining the motivations, character and communication style of a brand.

We had the archetype to guide us in building up our brand's personality.

We just needed to create the content to play up that personality in ways that were memorable enough to put a smile on our audience's faces. Not just their dogs.

We planned a communications framework to play up WHIMZEES’ unique personality and selling points.

How do WHIMZEES chews work to keep your dog’s teeth clean? This animated, swipe-able carousel tells you exactly how.

Dog problems? Nip them in the butt with these IKEA-esque tips and tricks, featuring WHIMZEES USPs.

The different WHIMZEES product sizes, displayed via the cutest lineup you’ve ever seen.

Too many WHIMZEES chews to choose from? Just swipe left till you’ve found the perfect one.

With a beautifully-designed social media playbook to be distributed to WHIMZEES social media teams worldwide, to guide them when posting the content.